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Our Oklahoma  center treats the whole person, not just the symptoms.

As our name may imply, we feel that everyone deserves a true chance at recovery.  The issue we have seen with people falling off the wagon, so to speak, is that addiction centers in Oklahoma may be a one size fits all model.  Simply put, this is not the best way to treat addiction as every person is unique. Our custom built detox and recovery programs provide our patients with options as to how they recover to fit their specific needs and preferences.  After all, it is there recovery.   

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Residential Addiction Treatment

Our residential treatment program is built for those who require more time learning how to live life sober. Our 28 day program provides all the tools a person could need, based on their own personal needs, to get and maintain sobriety. This includes group and one-on-one counseling sessions with a certified addiction counselor. Our program also offers enjoyable outings as sobriety can be fun.

Begin with Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Our inpatient treatment programs are only the beginning. Once a patient leaves Second Chance Recovery, they will be provided an aftercare plan which includes introduction to an outpatient treatment facility near them.  This is done to ensure they have the proper support around them to maintain and sharpen the tools they received while at Second Chance Recovery.  

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