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Entering treatment may be difficult for many people.  Thankfully, our experienced staff is standing by to answer any questions you have about entering our treatment center. 

Second Chance Recovery will work with you to handle the following:

  • Your travel arrangements
  • Discuss what you’ll need to bring to treatment
  • Help with financial arrangements
  • Explain dates of availability
  • Relay other pertinent information during the initial phone consultation

Our expert Admissions Coordinator will answer all your questions, check benefits and help determine the best program that will fit you and/or your family’s needs. The transformation starts today. Call us now!

Speak with a Second Chance admissions coordinator.

Second Chance Recovery Admissions

Prior to entering our facility, each patient will have an interview with one of our medical provider to ensure our program is the right fit.  This includes medications currently prescribed, amounts, any psychological history, and other relevant medical history.  Our goal is to ensure we are able to care for the patient in the right way to achieve the desired outcome of sobriety. 

The Second Chance program is most beneficial when the client and her/his family are engaged and committed to the treatment process. Our team understands that resistance can initially be a reaction to treatment. Often, subsequent positive change may follow.

We expect a commitment from our client to stay a minimum of 28 days in our residential treatment. We also expect the client to refrain from drinking alcohol and using unauthorized drugs and follow the personalized treatment plan guidelines that are outlined by his/her therapist and agreed to by the client.

A referral from a psychiatrist, therapist or other medical practitioner isn’t necessary for rehab admission to Second Chance Recovery; however, we certainly welcome their input and strive to maintain open communication with other providers.

Financial Considerations

Payment for addiction services is the number one question we receive from patients. Most insurance companies cover addiction treatment, however, not all.  In order to be sure, let us verify your insurance and explain what coverage options you have for treatment. This includes any out-of-pocket expenses that insurance doesn’t cover.  Our goal is to make sure each and every person who enters our facility understand what, if any, financial responsibility they have. 

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