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About Our Treatment Philosophy

Second Chance Recovery

When it comes to addiction treatment centers in Oklahoma, few can deliver like Second Chance Recovery.  Our philosophy on the treatment of addiction is to focus on using all the tools available to us.  This includes both holistic methods as well as evidence based treatments which have been proven to have a high success rate. At Second Chance Recovery, our patients needs, and long term success, are what come first.  Contact us today to experience the difference. 

Private, Individualized, and Exceptional Programs

Addiction Treatment Programs

Unlike many Oklahoma addiction treatment facilities, we are not a one-size fits all center.  We offer truly customizable detox and residential treatment of addiction.  Our program is built around treating the root cause of addiction, not just the addiction itself.  At Second Chance Recovery, we spend the first day of treatment stabilizing and understanding the patient rather than just stabilization. This is the way to provide our patients with a long lasting recovery experience that lasts more than a few months. 

Inpatient Program

For those needing a bit more care, for a longer period of time, our 28 day inpatient addiction program provides around the clock care as well as evidence based treatments for addiction. Live here. Change here.

Corporate Program

If you are looking for a place to send employees who need help, we offer a 14 day program which is designed to quickly, yet effectivly, change the pattern of behavior through an intensive recovery process.

Family Programs

Family support throughout treatment is crucial to success. Our family programs work to mend relationships and strengthen bonds between family members during this time of healing.

Insurance and Financing

Our team is ready to discuss insurance coverage
and financing options with you!

Why Second Chance Recovery?

Experience Our Facility

Second Chance offers affordable inpatient medical detox and 28 day inpatient treatment for those in Oklahoma. We have build a facility specifically to fit the needs of our local community.  As each client is different, our treatment is tailored to their individual needs. 

Holistic Approach

The treatment of addiction is more than just going to meetings and sitting in rooms. It is about healing the whole person. This is why Second Chance Recovery uses holistic practices to heal patients.

Long-Term Support

Recovery is a lifetime exercise. It takes more than 30 days of care to reprogram the brain and behaviors to maintain a sober life. This is why Second Chance provides an Aftercare Plan post treatment.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Many people who suffer from the disease of addiction also struggle with depression, anxiety, and/or PTSD. We are able to treat not only the addiction, but the underlying cause of addiction through the use of specific treatments created for those with these issues.

Individual Clinical Treatment

Entering into Second Chance Recovery means the patient is taking a stand for themselves. In that same way, we take a stand WITH our patients by building a custom treatment plan based on needs.

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