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Second Chance Recovery was conceived and built to provide a place of recovery and a “second chance” to those in Oklahoma.  We have seen what addiction has one in our state, and are taking a stand against it.  

Our treatment methodology involves caring for the mind, body and soul which allows our patients to heal the underlying cause of addiction, not just the service issues. This is done through a non-judgemental, evidenced based, process, proven to be effective. 

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About Second Chance Recovery

Created by two men from Oklahoma, Second Chance Recovery offers medical detox and inpatient addiction treatment services to the state of Oklahoma.  Literally built from the ground up, our facility is a safe, secure location for those suffering from addiction.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, long term addiction care for our community. 


Not all people are alike when it comes to treating addiction.  Some people use because of genetics, while others use because of an underlying trauma.  Our philosophy is to treat all people honestly, without judgment and to treatment them with respect.  To treat them for what they specifically need, rather than what may have worked for others. 

To learn more about Second Chance Recovery, contact us today at (866) 488-1156

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About Second Chance Recovery